Go Robots 2

Go Robots 2


Click on the robot so he can teleport to another place, but be careful because the robot can not pass through wooden boxes or iron ramps. Also there are other robots shooting lasers and if one of those lasers catches your robot he will immediately fall apart. this game has got 25 levels. Also your robot will die if he falls in a hole.

There are bombs so they can destroy the robots shooting lasers. There are balls and they help you complete the levels, they can stop lasers from shooting. Although the game is super fun it is also hard , some of the levels are very difficult. But because the game is so fun you cannot even realize it is hard. In some levels there are 2 robots but in some levels there is just one robot. This is a very fun game to play on your computer, tablet or your phone.

All you need for a good robot day is few clicks and there you go! Your robots will be happy and safe with your help. Use your mouse to destroy objects or activate robots and other items. In this awesome Go Robots 2 game with outstanding graphics you need to have special skills for solving puzzle. Click on items in a certain order so that you will not hurt your robots.

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