Jeep in the Jungle

Jeep in the Jungle

There is a Jeep in the Jungle! However, if you have no gas for the next 100 miles the general will not get to the finish flag. But use grenades, make your jeep go boom and you will see what will happen. Press Space Bar to activate a grenade and blow the jeep up in the air. While in midair you can press left and right arrow keys to move to the left and right. Collect the target stars to complete the level and make the finish flag appear out of nowhere. Reach the flag before the time runs out and remember that Time Limit varies within level. Avoid birds because they can take you back at the beginning, but if you jump on them, you can bounce and take off 200 points. Kill dinosaurs on the ground and earn 300 points. Unlock all 15 levels and earn 210 stars, including the 100 stars in the last bonus level. Have fun with Jeep in the Jungle!

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