Pro Motocross Racer

Pro Motocross Racer

Go on a Pro Motocross Racer adventure near the beach and win the World Motocross Cup. You will find here so many crazy stuff, options, cups and modes. But let me explain the basics and the rest will come naturally. Your racer rides its bike automatically, but somehow you must have control over the bike. So, use the up and down arrow keys to move across lanes left/ right arrow keys are to perform flips only while mid air and hit Space Bar for speed boost and hit it before you jump to jump higher. When you perform 1 flip a half of the turbo bar will refill, 2 flips will refill the whole turbo bar, 3 flips will bring you 3 seconds invincibility, if you perform 4 stunts you will get jets fire, flying you to the finish line and 5 flips are a turbo saver. The boost bar is at the left lower corner, so collect turbo bonuses and perform flips to refill it. Avoid sandpits and other obstacles because they will slow you down. Win at least one of the three first places to open a new difficulty mode, complete cups one by one and win in all classes. The score is based on four bonus categories: rank, time, stunt and interference. Do your best and earn more stars to spend them in the upgrade shop, where you can upgrade your speed, boost, spin and toughness.

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