Quad Trials

Quad Trials

Quad Trials is the best driving game you have seen so far. But that annoying sound when things go wrong, eww! The best way not to hear that sound is to give your best and complete trials at the first try. Click mouse button and press Space Bar to start the engine and then use the arrow keys to steer your vehicle. Press up arrow key to accelerate down arrow key to brake and move backwards left/ right arrow keys to lean the vehicle body to the left/ right and Space Bar to jump. You will have to overcome so many different obstacles on the ground, in the air and through the water. There are five trials and each one is an adventure that speaks for its self. In each trial you will get several check points, so when you reach a flag it means your previous result is saved. A funny thing is that even the time you earned till that check point will be saved. Unlock all achievements and earn the best time possible! This is the most incredible ATV game, the ultimate game for ultimate players!

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